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Re: [jetty-dev] Releases 7.1.5.v20100705

Hey Greg, 

Did you really mean "Release" here?  The last release review for Jetty is from early May and was for the Helios content (I believe).  If this is a new Release then we'll need to do a new release review etc.

If you really meant that this is a new Milestone on the road to some future Release then please recast the wording and presentation of this content to reflect that status.

In looking at the Jetty download page at it is unclear which downloads are Releases vs. which are Milestones.  It would be good to clear that up as well so that consumers clearly understand what they are getting.

For reference see the details and definitions for Release and Milestone in the Eclipse Development Process doc.  The latest (about to take effect) is here:


On 2010-07-05, at 11:44 PM, Greg Wilkins wrote:

> Jetty and Jetty Hightide maintenance releases 7.1.5.v20100705 are now
> available via
>   jetty-core:
>   jetty-hightide:
> This release contains a number of minor fixes and improvements:
> jetty-7.1.5.v20100705
> + Update ecj to 3.6 Helios release drop
> + 288194 Add blacklist/whitelist to ProxyServlet and ProxyHandler
> + 296570 EOFException for HttpExchange when HttpClient.stop called.
> + 311550 The WebAppProvider should allow setTempDirectory
> + 316449 Websocket disconnect fix
> + 316584 Exception on startup if temp path has spaces and extractWAR=false
> + 316597 Removed null check and fixed name in Resource#hrefEncodeURI
> + 316970 fails to find JETTY_HOME in standard directories
> + 316973 claims java installation is invalid
> + 316976 removed quotes of JAVA_OPTIONS in
> + 317019 Date HTTP header not sent for HTTP/1.0 requests
> + 317759 Allow roles and constraints to be added after init
> + 317906 OPTIONS correctly handles TRACE
> + 318308 Correct quoting of unicode control characters
> + 318470 unboxing NPE protection in HttpConnection
> + 318551 Optional uncheck Printwriter
> + JETTY-1237 Save local/remote address to be available after close
> jetty@codehaus 7.1.5.v20100705
> + JETTY-1236 connectors added with jettyConfig ignored by maven plugin
> + JETTY-1241 enhance jetty-ant port support
> + 318894 Spaces in jboss URLs
> Thanks to all that contributed time, testing and code.
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> jetty-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

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