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[jetty-dev] Releases 7.1.5.v20100705

Jetty and Jetty Hightide maintenance releases 7.1.5.v20100705 are now
available via


This release contains a number of minor fixes and improvements:

 + Update ecj to 3.6 Helios release drop
 + 288194 Add blacklist/whitelist to ProxyServlet and ProxyHandler
 + 296570 EOFException for HttpExchange when HttpClient.stop called.
 + 311550 The WebAppProvider should allow setTempDirectory
 + 316449 Websocket disconnect fix
 + 316584 Exception on startup if temp path has spaces and extractWAR=false
 + 316597 Removed null check and fixed name in Resource#hrefEncodeURI
 + 316970 fails to find JETTY_HOME in standard directories
 + 316973 claims java installation is invalid
 + 316976 removed quotes of JAVA_OPTIONS in
 + 317019 Date HTTP header not sent for HTTP/1.0 requests
 + 317759 Allow roles and constraints to be added after init
 + 317906 OPTIONS correctly handles TRACE
 + 318308 Correct quoting of unicode control characters
 + 318470 unboxing NPE protection in HttpConnection
 + 318551 Optional uncheck Printwriter
 + JETTY-1237 Save local/remote address to be available after close

jetty@codehaus 7.1.5.v20100705
 + JETTY-1236 connectors added with jettyConfig ignored by maven plugin
 + JETTY-1241 enhance jetty-ant port support
 + 318894 Spaces in jboss URLs

Thanks to all that contributed time, testing and code.

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