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[jetty-dev] jetty 7 startup mechanism & extensions

Hi All,

I am developing cipango (, a open-source VoIP extension to Jetty. It is SIP Servlets (JSR116 & JSR389) compliant (with an additional Diameter support). 
We are about to start version 2.0 based on jetty 7 and I would interested in any view on how to best integrate with Jetty.

Cipango 1.0 is based on an off-the-shelf jetty (6.1.x) without any patches and works as follows:
- cipango Server extends jetty Server
- a SIP-specific cipango.xml configuration file is used to start the HTTP & SIP server: java -jar.start.jar etc/cipango.xml
- cipango jars are in ${jetty.home}/lib

With 7.0, I understood that classpath is more controlled. As a result, I think of the following options:
- install in ${jetty.home}/lib/ext since this dir is loaded with nearly all options
- or modify the start.config to add a Sip option with cipango jars, and then modify the start.ini to include sip_start.config to classpath , -DSTART=sip_start.config and OPTIONS=Sip, ...

First option is clearly more straightforward to start with, but I was wondering what was the rationale for OPTIONS mechanism and whether we should really use it as well ? 

If I miss something or anybody has any view on this, I would be highly interested in it.

Thanks !


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