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[jetty-dev] Jetty and Jetty-hightide releases 7.1.4

Jetty and Jetty-hightide releases 7.1.4.v20100610 are now available via

We have done a few little point releases lately as we have finalized Jetty for
the eclipse Helios release.  The result has been a lot of minor fixes
and improvements.
We hope that the pace of releases will slow somewhat over the next few
months, so
7.1.4 should be golden for some time.

 + 298551 SslSocketConnector does not need keystore stream
 + 295715 AbstractSessionManager decoupled from Context
 + 292326 Stop continuations if server is stopped.
 + 292814 Make QoSFilter and DoSFilter JMX manageable
 + 293222 Improve request log to handle/show asynchronous latency
 + 294212 Can not customize session cookie path
 + 301608 Deregister shutdown hooks
 + 302350 org.eclipse.jetty.server.NCSARequestLog is missing JavaDoc
 + 303661 failes if JETTY_HOME is not writeable
 + 304100 Better document JMX setup in jetty-jmx.xml
 + 305300 AsyncContext.start dispatches runnable
 + 314299 Create test harness for JDBCLoginService
 + 314581 Implement the Sec-Websocket handshake
 + 315190 CrossOriginFilter avoid headers not understood by WebSocket
 + 315687 included init script fails to test for JETTY_HOME as empty
 + 315715 Improved Cookie version handling. Server.setMaxCookieVersion
 + 315744 Fixed STOP.PORT and STOP.KEY in start.jar
 + 315748 Removed --fromDaemon from start.jar (replaced with --daemon)
 + 315925 Improved context xml configuration handling
 + 315995 Incorrect package name in system classes list
 + 316119 Fixed maxIdleTime for SocketEndPoint
 + 316254 Implement @DeclareRoles
 + 316334 Breaking change on org.eclipse.jetty.client.HttpExchange
 + 316399 Debug output in MultiPartFilter
 + 316413 Restarting webapp for packed war fails
 + 316557 OSGi HttpService is not available because context handlers
files are not deployed
 + JETTY-547 Delay close after shutdown until request read
 + JETTY-1231 Support context request log handler

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