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[jetty-dev] Releases moving forward

I wanted to take a moment and try and sum up the next several months
in terms of releases for jetty from the eclipse perspective.

We just released 7.0.2.v20100331 about 2 months behind when we were
initially targeting the release.  We could have probably slipped it in
but things have been pretty crazy with getting into Helios builds and
there was always a reason to push back the release.

Consequently we are going to have another release awfully soon so we
can be on time for the next Helios milestone (M7).

So the plan is that I'll be pulling the 7.1.0.v20100323 release....on
the 23rd of this month.  +/- a couple of days is fine but it should be
on or around that timeframe to give us time to make sure that our
contribution to the helios release is on par with what it should be.
This will be the release that we move into the RC's of helios with and
as such it is pretty important over the next couple of weeks that we
try and iron out anything that would be problematic for eclipse (not
that I see much outside of making sure the update site produced fits
the bill).

>From this 7.1 release on we are going to shoot for the 1st of the
month, every other a 2 month release cycle and I'll be
beating on the drum to get these things out on time.  Pulling the
releases are very easy from the eclipse side into maven lands but the
eclipse update portions are still some what a pain though Tycho is
certainly making it easier thank goodness.

So...that is bascially what is going on...any questions or comments just ask!


jesse mcconnell

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