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[jetty-dev] Jetty 7.0.2.v20100331 Released!

I am happy to announce the release of jetty 7.0.2.v20100331!

This release took a bit longer to get out so there are a substantial
amount of bug fixes in this release.  All artifacts are available in
maven central and will be showing up in their respective download
locations shortly.  A p2 update will be available within the next few
days with this release in it and hopefully by the next release it will
be available alongside the normal release process thanks to much hard
work on the part of one of our committers Hugues!

Download bundles:

Maven Repo:


 + 297552 Don't call Continuation timeouts from acceptor tick
 + 298236 Additional unit tests for jetty-client
 + 306783 NPE in StdErrLog when Throwable is null
 + 306840 Suppress content-length in requests with no content
 + 306880 Support for UPGRADE in HttpClient
 + 306884 Suspend with timeout <=0 never expires
 + 306782 httpbis interpretation of 100 continues. Body never skipped
 + 307589 updated servlet 3.0 continuations for final API
 + Take excess logging statements out of startup
 + Ensure webapps with no WEB-INF don't scan WEB-INF/lib
 + Allow Configuration array to be set on Server instance for all web apps

 + JSON parses NaN as null
 + 290765 Reset input for HttpExchange retry.
 + 292799 WebAppDeployer - start a started context?
 + 292800 ContextDeployer - recursive setting is undone by FilenameFilter
 + 294799 when configuring a webapp, don't look for WEB-INF/jetty6-web.xml
 + 296569 removeLifeCycleListener() has no effect
 + 296765 JMX Connector Server and ShutdownThread
 + 297421 Hide server/system classes from WebAppClassLoader.getResources
 + 297783 Handle HEAD reponses in HttpClient
 + 298144 Unit test for jetty-client connecting to a server that uses Basic Auth
 + 298145 Reorganized test harness to separate the HTTP PUT and HTTP
GET test URLs
 + 298234 Unit test for jetty-client handling different HTTP error codes
 + 298667 DeploymentManager uses ContextProvider and WebAppProvider
 + 299455 Enum support in JSONPojoConvertor
 + 300178 HttpClients opens too many connections that are immediately closed
 + 300733 Jars from lib/ext are not visible for my web application
 + 300933 AbstractConnector uses concurrent objects for stats
 + 301089 Improve statistics available in StatisticsHandler and
 + 302018 Improve statistics available in AbstractSessionHandler
 + 302198 Rename HttpClient authorization classes to Authentication
 + 302244 invalid configuration boolean conversion in FormAuthenticator
 + 302246 redirect loop using form authenticator
 + 302556 CrossOriginFilter does not work correctly when
 header is not present
 + 302669 WebInfConfiguration.unpack() unpacks WEB-INF/* from a
ResourceCollection, bre
aking JSP reloading with ResourceCollections
 + 303526 Added include cyphers
 + 304307 Handle ;jsessionid in FROM Auth
 + 304532 Skip some tests on IBM JVMs until resolved
 + 304658 Inconsistent Expires date format in Set-Cookie headers with maxAge=0
 + 304698 org.eclipse.jetty.http.HttpFields$DateGenerator.formatCookieDate()
uses wrong
 (?) date format
 + 304781 Reset HttpExchange timeout on slow request content.
 + 304801 SSL connections FULL fix
 + 306330 Flush filter chain cache after Invoker servlet
 + 306331 Session manager is kept after call to doScope
 + JETTY-776 Make new session-tests module to concentrate all reusable
session clusteri
ng test code
 + JETTY-910 Allow request listeners to access session
 + JETTY-983 Range handling cleanup
 + JETTY-1151 JETTY-1098 allow UTF-8 with 0 carry bits
 + JETTY-1153 System property for UrlEncoded charset
 + JETTY-1155 HttpConnection.close notifies HttpExchange
 + JETTY-1156 SSL blocking close with JVM Bug busy key fix
 + JETTY-1157 Don't hold array passed in write(byte[])
 + JETTY-1163 AJP13 forces 8859-1 encoding
 + JETTY-1177 Allow error handler to set cacheControl
 + JETTY-1179 Persistant session tables created on MySQL use wrong datatype
 + JETTY-1184 shrink thread pool even with frequent small jobs
 + JETTY-1133 Handle multiple URL ; parameters
 + JETTY-1174 Close rather than finish Gzipstreams to avoid JVM leak
 + JETTY-1192 Fixed Digested POST
 + JETTY-1199 FindBugs cleanups
 + COMETD-46 reset ContentExchange response content on resend
 + Added IPAccessHandler
 + Updated Servlet3Continuation to final 3.0.20100224
 + 305997 Coalesce buffers in ChannelEndPoint.flush()
 + 306028 Enable TCP_NODELAY by default in client connectors

jesse mcconnell

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