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Re: [jetty-announce] [jetty-dev] Jetty 9.0.1.v20130408 Released!

Unfortunately the change made for "404511 Replaced all StringMap usage with Tries" has introduced a garbage producing poor implementation of a common string lookup method.   Thus 9.0.1 is not performing well in benchmarks due to frequent GCs.    We will have a 9.0.2 out shortly with this fixed (fixed in HEAD already).

On 11 April 2013 06:52, Jesse McConnell <jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Oops, the issues resolved are here:

jetty-9.0.1.v20130408 - 08 April 2013
 + 384552 add comment to jetty-https.xml describing keymanager password
 + 385488 non existing resources in collection are just warnings
 + 392129 fixed merged of handling of timeouts after startAsync
 + 393971 Improve setParentLoaderPriorty javadoc
 + 393972 Improve WebAppContext classloading javadoc
 + 395620 do not managed inherited life cycle listeners
 + 396562 Add an implementation of RequestLog that supports Slf4j
 + 399967 Destroyables destroyed on undeploy and shutdown hook
 + 400142 ConcurrentModificationException in JDBC SessionManger
 + 400144 When loading a session fails the JDBCSessionManger produces duplicate
   session IDs
 + 400689 Add support for Proxy authentication.
 + 401150 close input stream used from cached resource
 + 401806 spdy push properly pass through request and response headers for
   pushed resources
 + 402397 InputStreamResponseListener early close inputStream cause hold lock.
 + 402485 reseed secure random
 + 402626 Do not required endpoint host checking by default in server and
   configure in client
 + 402666 Improve handling of TLS exceptions due to raw socket close.
 + 402694 setuid as LifeCycle listener
 + 402706 HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval(int) does not change JDBCSession
 + 402726 WebAppContext references old WebSocket packages in system and server
 + 402735 to support status which is == check
 + 402757 WebSocket client module can't be used with WebSocket server module in
   the same WAR.
 + 402833 Test harness for global error page and hide exception message from
   reason string
 + 402844 STOP.PORT & STOP.KEY behaviour has changed
 + 402982 Premature initialization of Servlets
 + 402984 WebSocket Upgrade must honor case insensitive header fields in
   upgrade request
 + 403122 Session replication fails with ClassNotFoundException when session
   attribute is Java dynamic proxy
 + 403280 Update to javax.el 2.2.4
 + 403281 waits for started or failure before returning
 + 403360 Named connectors
 + 403370 move call in StandardSession.flush() outside the
   synchronized block to avoid deadlock
 + 403373 WebSocket change timeout log level from warn -> info
 + 403380 Introduce WebSocketTimeoutException to differentiate between EOF on
   write and Timeout
 + 403451 Review synchronization in SslConnection.
 + 403510 HttpSession maxInactiveInterval is not serialized in HashSession
 + 403513 jetty:run goal cannot be executed twice during the maven build
 + 403570 Asynchronous Request Logging
 + 403591 do not use the ConcurrentArrayBlockingQueue for thread pool, selector
   and async request log
 + 403817 Use of WebSocket Session.close() results in invalid status code
 + 404029 port jetty-monitor to jetty-9 and activate it
 + 404036 JDBCSessionIdManager.doStart() method should not call
   cleanExpiredSessions() because Listeners can't be notified
 + 404067 If cannot connect to db fail startup of JDBCSessionIdManager
 + 404128 Add Vary headers rather than set them
 + 404176 Jetty's AnnotationConfiguration class does not scan non-jar resources
   on the container classpath
 + 404204 Exception from inputstream cause hang or timeout.
 + 404283 org.eclipse.jetty.util.Scanner.scanFile() dies with an NPE if
   listFiles() returns null
 + 404323 Improved parameterization of https and SPDY
 + 404325 data constraint redirection does send default port
 + 404326 set status when Request.setHandled(true) is called
 + 404511 Replaced all StringMap usage with Tries
 + 404517 Close connection if request received after half close
 + 404610 Reintroduce ability to disallow TLS renegotiation.
 + 404757 SPDY can only be built with the latest JDK version.
 + 404789 Support IPv6 addresses in DoSFilter white list.
 + 404881 Allow regexs for SslContextFactory.setIncludeCipherSuites() and
 + 404889 SelectorManager accepts attachments with sockets
 + 404906 servlets with load-on-startup = 0 are not fired up on jetty 9 startup
 + 404958 Fixed Resource.newSystemResource striped / handling
 + 405044 Query parameters lost for non GET or POST.

Jesse McConnell <jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx> – Developer advice, services and support from the Jetty & CometD experts.

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 3:52 PM, Jesse McConnell <jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hard to believe we released Jetty 9 a mere month ago but we have been busy resolving some small issues and added to the new documentation hub.  If you haven't seen the new documentation take a look, and feel free to contribute through the github project that houses it.

Distribution Downloads:

The artifacts are also available in Maven Central.


I'll attach the resolves issues at the end of this mail, but we have been very happy with the response we have gotten from the Jetty 9 release and are looking forward to future versions.  Just as bit of a note for those interested, we'll be releasing 9.1 once the servlet 3.1 spec has finalized and likely the JSR 356 Websocket api spec has released, hopefully these will wrap up around the same time.  


Jesse McConnell <jesse@xxxxxxxxxxx> – Developer advice, services and support from the Jetty & CometD experts.

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