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[jetty-announce] Jetty 9.0.1.v20130408 Released!

Hard to believe we released Jetty 9 a mere month ago but we have been busy resolving some small issues and added to the new documentation hub.  If you haven't seen the new documentation take a look, and feel free to contribute through the github project that houses it.

Distribution Downloads:


The artifacts are also available in Maven Central.


I'll attach the resolves issues at the end of this mail, but we have been very happy with the response we have gotten from the Jetty 9 release and are looking forward to future versions.  Just as bit of a note for those interested, we'll be releasing 9.1 once the servlet 3.1 spec has finalized and likely the JSR 356 Websocket api spec has released, hopefully these will wrap up around the same time.  


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