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[jersey-dev] Jerseys views

Although I am seeing these great views after amendments in section
1.4. Creating a JavaEE Web Application

Others sadly  visiting the jakarta EE site will not be  seeing the same views if they following the precise and detailed step by step  instructions.

    "Instance Configuration": {
        "Host": "",
        "Http Port(s)": "9090",
        "Https Port(s)": "",
        "Instance Name": "Proud-Sablefish",
        "Instance Group": "MicroShoal",
        "Hazelcast Member UUID": "c17b5ccd-b495-4a92-b9ff-dd1f48c6f44d",
        "Deployed": [
                "Name": "jaxrs-service-webapp",
                "Type": "war",
                "Context Root": "/jaxrs-service-webapp"

[2021-04-04T04:07:47.417+0100] [] [INFO] [] [PayaraMicro] [tid: _ThreadID=1 _ThreadName=main] [timeMillis: 1617505667417] [levelValue: 800] [[
Payara Micro URLs:

'jaxrs-service-webapp' REST Endpoints:
GET     /jaxrs-service-webapp/v1/application.wadl
GET     /jaxrs-service-webapp/v1/myresource
GET     /jaxrs-service-webapp/webapi/application.wadl
GET     /jaxrs-service-webapp/webapi/myresource

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<application xmlns="">
<doc xmlns:jersey="" jersey:generatedBy="Jersey: 2.30.payara-p4 2021-02-01 14:07:34"/>
<doc xmlns:jersey="" jersey:hint="This is simplified WADL with user and core resources only. To get full WADL with extended resources use the query parameter detail. Link:"/>
<resource path="myresource">
<method id="getIt" name="GET">
<representation mediaType="text/plain"/>

Jersey RESTful Web Application!

Jersey resource

Visit Project Jersey website for more information on Jersey!

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