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[jersey-dev] Proxies for same scope?


I have a binder which shouldn't be using proxies for request-scoped resources:

        register(new AbstractBinder()
            protected void configure()


And then I have 2 types of resource classes that inject that Application class:

        @Inject com.atomgraph.linkeddatahub.apps.model.Application application

1. resource class that gets matched by explicit @Path -- Application
is injected as my ApplicationImpl, as expected
2. resource class that gets returned by a sub-resource method --
Application is injected as a proxy object. Why?!

I made sure the sub-resource method returns a class and not an
instance, based on the documentation below, thinking this would help
Jersey figure out the life-cycle. But that did not make a difference
-- I still get proxies injected.

Does anyone have any clues? I think I would be able to create a
reproducible example, but I'd rather not unless absolutely necessary



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