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[jersey-dev] getting started writing a client

I am faced with the task to use a service deployed on the intranet of my company. For to use the service there is a Swagger API documentation available online with entries for POST, GET, ... showing data structures in JSON.

I know Java, Maven, XML to some extend and like to find out a good jump start applying Jersey for to use that service. I do not know about JEE, Spring, HttpClient, ... Used Java just for scripting everyday tasks and tools.

There are so many tutorials and examples out there. I spend 2 days to explore all this and came to the conclusion that my need is rarely addressed. I do not want to learn how to write a REST service, just to use it.

As I guess that a lot of REST services are available on the internet, I am looking for an example that compiles out of the box (Maven and or Eclipse would be ok) and uses an existing URL. I would then adapt that example to my needs.

Do you know one?

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