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[jersey-dev] Jersey 3.0.0 has been released

Dear Jersey users,

Jersey 3.0.0 has been released!

Jersey 3.0.0 keeps most of the Jersey 2.x features. It is still able to support Jackson 2 (we dropped the obsolete Jackson 1 support), see the examples. We also keep supporting the MicroProfile Config. Jersey 3.0.0 does not support the MicroProfile REST client, however, since it has a strong JAX-RS 2.1 dependency. We also dropped the Helidon Connector module for the time being.

Jersey 3.0.0 uses Jetty in many tests and examples. Compatible Jetty 11 dropped support of JDK 8, hence those examples and tests require JDK 11+ to run.

Feel free to try Jakarta EE 9 and Jersey 3.0.0. It is available either as a part of Glassfish 6.0.0 (RC1 and RC2 are available in maven central, and Glassfish 6.0.0 final is on its way), or standalone in maven central, as usual.

The API package name is still a huge change and if any issue is found, contact us on our issue tracker, or just send us an email about how you like Jersey.

Thank you,

-- Jan

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