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Re: [jersey-dev] Package name in branch JAXRS_2_2

Hi Markus,

Jersey 3.0 is what we need to start to work on. Jakarta REST API road map discussion has started 2 weeks ago and it was not concluded yet, so it is not clear when the Jakarta REST API should be released. It does not look to be very soon:

- New Specification Document needs to be created

- The TCK needs to be fixed to use the renamed package - but should it use renamed Servlet package, too? How about the other APIs (JSON-P, -B, CDI...)

The work on Jersey currently has a priority on 2.x branch, the plan is to release 2.29.2 (Nov-Dec) first.

Jersey uses at least 11 APIs from EE4J. So if we are to release Jersey 3.0, it would be good if 3.1 remains compatible with it. But if the APIs will change the package name in between, it won't be compatible. So I am inclined not to be too much in a hurry with the 3.x release before we hear what the API projects do. But I do not think all the projects already made the decision to do the big bang renaming. Maybe we will need to sacrifice the compatibility among 3.x branch anyway, but the more it will be compatible the better.

Definitely, I would want to start working on 3.x before Christmas. Maybe the community will be faster.



On 06.10.2019 16:43, Markus KARG wrote:

Hi Guys,

To prepare changes for JAXRS_2_2 (i. e. Jersey 3.0) it is needed to refer to the package name instead of

I spend some time to fix that, but unfortunately my knowledge of Jersey is not sufficient to make it actually work in all places, as that string is used in far more places (not just .java files).

Hence it makes more sense to wait until Team Jersey actually started work on Jersey 3.0, so I do not need to make that package change on my own.

So my question is: Can I ask you to rename that package in that branch for me before I go on?



P.S.: Jan, getting rid of this burden was my actual intent when proposing you the deal with SeBootstrap. It seems you kind of tricked me into the package name troubles by simply moving the version past 2.30. ;-)

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