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Re: [jersey-dev] Jersey build vs. JDK version

Hi Jan,

see my response inline.
I do not like too much the idea of removing tests. I understand that the
tests do not work with OpenJDK, but every removed test possibly allows a
merge request that breaks something that could have been caught with the
test. There are better ways to handle the tests: rework them not to
depend on javafx, or have a way (profile sounds good) to skip the tests.
I do not think we need to rely on Oracle JDK, but it is most common,
most people would not have issues with running the tests with javafx,
which is another reason for keeping the tests.

I agree with you on this. Actually (as I wrote before) it was just a single test which has a dependency on JavaFX. I already created a pull request to remove this dependency.

So there is really no need to remove any test.

I understand that people can have an environment where certain tests
fail. There is bunch of tests in Jersey that got already @Ignored for
being unstable. I think fixing the tests should be priority before we
start adding new features.

I'm sure the community can help with this!

Regarding the new versions, situation is, if I understand it correctly,
as follows:

1) dependency on technology being donated (perhaps in the latest batch)
- We should depend on the new version which has/will have the EPL
licence. We are not allowed to have a dependency on technology with GPL
and the same I assume is with CDDL.

2) dependency on 3rd party libs - for each lib, there needs to be a CQ
filed for some specific version. The CQs were not filed yet, as the
Eclipse process does not prefer filing all CQs at once. The great thing
is that Jersey was approved for being located in the git repository even
without the 3rd party approved. But, any new version needs an additional
CQ. I think we should get the CQs for the Initial Contribution of Jersey
approved first. Unfortunately, Jersey is rather large project with lot
of dependencies.

Thanks a lot for the clarification. Please let us know if there are any concrete steps we can help with.



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