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[jersey-dev] Jersey build vs. JDK version

Hi all,

it looks like there are many people (including me) who run into problems building Jersey.

The problems I'm aware of are:
  • Jersey uses JMockit 1.18 which has a known bug that causes build failures with OpenJDK. I already created a pull request that updates JMockit to 1.19 which fixes this problem.
  • The "e2e-entity" module uses JavaFX classes. As OpenJDK doesn't include JavaFX, the build fails on this module. Perhaps this module could only be included when running with an Oracle JDK? This should be easy using a Maven profile which gets activated depending on the JDK version.
  • The LinkingTest from the "declarative-linking" module fails when running the build with the latest OpenJDK 8 version. It looks like the order of the links returned from the resource is different and the test is (too?) strict about checking the response. Disabling JSONAssert's strict mode fixes this problem. I'll create a pull request for this later today.
  • Markus reported that ClientDestroyTest fails for him when running the build with Oracle JDK 1.8.0_144
  • On the mailing list Jan told us¬†that there are known problems with JDK 8b161+¬†
So you see that running the Jersey build is not very straight forward. :-)

So I wonder if this could be improved. I think that the issues regarding newer Oracle JDK versions are definitely something that should be fixed. What about OpenJDK support? Is there any specific reason for relying on Oracle JDK at the moment?

I would love to help the Jersey team to improve the situation! So please let me know how to help.


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