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Re: [jdt-dev] [EXTERNAL] Re: Traditional Hierarchy Viewer

Hi Jimbo,

That makes sense as to why it is, however, when I make the change and add multiple roots, I think the way the data is shown is quite reasonable.

In the traditional view, it shows multiple trees each with the interface I selected.

In the single interface inheritance case which should be common, IMO it is misleading to not show any super interfaces or indicate they are being omitted in the view.

-- Jeff J.

On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 8:44 PM Jinbo Wang <jinbwan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Java classes only support single inheritance, but interfaces allow multiple inheritance.


For interface BB, it can extend multiple super interfaces (e.g. AA1, AA2), which cannot be expressed well with full hierarchical view. This should be the reason why super interfaces are not shown in the traditional view.




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It should be OK to show the full hierarchy in case of interfaces as it is done for classes. The Type Hierarchy view has three separate options for the full, supertype, and subtype hierarchies and they should have the same behavior for classes and interfaces.





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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [jdt-dev] Traditional Hierarchy Viewer
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There is a bug open whereby there are 3 interfaces:


AA which is extended by BB which is extended by CC


When BB is selected and we do Open Type Hierarchy,


it only shows BB and CC, but not AA in the Traditional View (Show Type Hierarchy)

Clicking on the Show the Supertype Hierarchy button displays BB then AA as expected. has the following comment:


 * A TypeHierarchyViewer that looks like the type hierarchy view of VA/Java:
 * Starting form Object down to the element in focus, then all subclasses from
 * this element.
 * Used by the TypeHierarchyViewPart which has to provide a TypeHierarchyLifeCycle
 * on construction (shared type hierarchy)


Is there any good reason to not show the parent interface (AA) in the view because it does not extend Object?  I would as a user want to see the whole tree and not have to click the "Show the Supertype Hierarchy" button to see the super interfaces.


I have a simple fix unless there is a good reason for the behaviour.


-- Jeff J.

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