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Re: [jdt-dev] The JDT Charter

On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 1:51 PM Noopur Gupta <noopur_gupta@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Mickael,


All the work in JDT happens through Gerrit patches which are reviewed all the time and hence it is not explicitly called out as a separate task here.

Sure it is.
Note that in my former comment, I'm not at all criticizing how the JDT project is being developed, as I personally find its really doing the best possible to be open and innovative while facing huge constraint regarding deliveries schedule, Java versions, APIs and so on... and the results seem really good IMO! My feedback was purely focusing on the Charter document itself, which IMO gives a less encouraging impression about the project than the actual state of the project & community have offered.


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