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[jdt-dev] VM contributed via vmInstalls extension point is read only


I was trying to contribute a VM installation to our product via the vmInstall extension point [1].
I had success and I see the VM on the Installed JREs preferences page with a label "Name (contributed)".

But found some differences with a "normal" entry:
- Can not be removed
- Can not set "Default VM Arguments" (you can write them but they are not saved)
- Pressing Edit button opens a window with title "JRE Details" instead of an "Edit JRE"
- User can use the Duplicate button and make an editable copy based on the contributed VM

1) Is this difference on purpose?
2) Is there any reason why it is read-only?
3) Is there any recommended approach to contribute a VM and make it a "normal" entry? (I quickly tested adding it programmatically and seems to work but to make it generic I would have to create a custom extension point)

Maybe a setting on the extension point could be added to let implementers decide if they want to add it as editable or not (default for backward compatibility).
What do you think? Should I open an issue?

Thanks in advance


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