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Re: [jdt-dev] Installs of eclipse-committers 2020-12 infinitely loops


This comment about "Creating a local branch" timing out seems odd.  I imagine that would be the case even if you manually did this in the IDE...  In any case, I kind of expected this to be a local operation, not one involving communication that can timeout.  Oddly as well you did clone several other repos successfully.   So it's not a completely general problem.  Is there a stack trace associated with the timeout?

One preference that you can try to change is the Window -> Preferences -> Version Control (Team) -> Git setting for SSH Client and Http Client.  All the choices should work, but they might work differently and I do recall timeout issues related to cloning in the past.  Of course I use the preference recorder when I change an option like this (the right-most toolbar button in the preference dialog) so that it takes on the value I want the same way in all workspace...

As suggested in the wiki, please use this bug to continue report/discuss any further issues:


On 01.01.2021 12:25, Richard Steiger wrote:
Eventually times-out, jump to step 3; continues until killed.

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