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Re: [jdt-dev] Installs of eclipse-committers 2020-12 infinitely loops


It's not entirely clear what you're doing.    What exact steps would I need to follow to reproduce what you're seeing?   What exactly is your goal? 

Your title sounds very general, "install committers 2020-12", but your details make it clear that you're trying to set up some specific project(s).  Perhaps you're trying to do the following?

Note that the installer does not clone repos nor does it do builds.  Those things happen in your installation itself.

If you simply want "committers 2020-12" use the simple model and do not choose any projects on the projects page.


On 31.12.2020 12:07, Richard Steiger wrote:

Hi, Ed,


I’m just getting back into eclipse work after an 8 month gap.  If I’m directing this issue to you incorrectly, please advise.


I’ve tried several times starting from a fresh Installer installation, selecting advanced mode, filling-in the handful of params, and kicking it off.  The new workspace is spawned, a new instance is started, and all seems to be working, with the Installer cloning repos and building the branch.  About 10 minutes into this phase, the build appears to freeze, eventually times-out, logs “Resetting hard” to the console, and restarts the build.  I’ve let it do this for 4 cycles, so it’s entirely reproduceable.  (BTW, FWIW, I’m selecting 14.0.2 oracle for the JDK, so it doesn’t seem like it’s a residual effect of Bug 564816.)  Unlike the previous installer failures I encountered 3/29-4/3/20, there seem to be none of the prior issues around IllegalArgumentExceptions, attempting to clone a bent repo URL, repo server access denied, nor repo connection timeouts (harder to tell, but seem to happen in same place each cycle, so very likely due to heavy loading).


Any suggestions what to try next?





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