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Re: [jdt-dev] All breakpoints suddenly stopped working

Either disable the breakpoints which has "Trigger Point" property set or use "Remove all Triggers" from the Breakpoints view to remove the "Trigger Point" property from the breakpoints.
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This is a feature of Trigger points. Trigger points are a type of breakpoints. When enabled all other break points are disabled till this particular breakpoint is hit. For example


I set UrlUtil [line:129] as trigger point. This makes all other breakpoints disabled till I hit trigger point. Once the trigger point is hit other breakpoints gets enabled. This feature has been introduced in Eclipse Oxygen





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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [jdt-dev] All breakpoints suddenly stopped working


I’ve been using an eclipse-committer-2020-9 instance for many months.  A couple days ago, all breakpointing functionality stopped working.  In reviewing the configured breakpoints’ properties, I noticed that all breakpoints in the Breakpoint View now sport an icon that’s unfamiliar to me:

A picture containing diagram

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I seems clear that the diagonal slash-mark indicates “disablement”.  Having scoured the last 6 release notes, I’ve been unable to quickly locate when the associated feature was introduced or any explanations.  I looked through the JDT online help, and reviewed the list of standard JDT icons, gaining zero additional insight.  Hence, I’m turning to the group to hopefully answer


  • How/where is this disablement flag controlled from the JDT UI?
  • What’s it’s purpose/intent?
  • How come it isn’t reflected on Breakpoint Properties?


Updating to eclipse-committer-2020-12 and importing the same workspace perfectly replicated the issue (as expected).  I have yet to find a way to remove it, so am hoping to get answers to the above, else I’ll need to spawn a fresh workspace and reimport ~ 100 projects.





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