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Re: [jdt-dev] [eclipse-dev] Automate check to warn about freeze on Gerrit

At the moment, there is a single job on Platform which runs for equinox, jdt and pde as well. However, there seems to be a limitation that this job cannot vote back on non-Platform repo (I believe it's an issue regarding permissions of Platform Bot on other repositories, I asked about it on cbi-dev).
So 1 question is: should we prefer 1. a single job that runs against all repos (as it is now, assuming Platform Bot can vote on other repos), or 2. 1 job on each CI instance (equinox,platform,jdt,pde)? The benefits of 1 is stronger factorization and centralization; the benefit of 2 is more isolation and more control for project team on this check. I think it's mostly an organizational decision more than a technical one: can and should the Eclipse Top-Level Project mandate that check for all subprojects?

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