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Re: [jdt-dev] Time for mentoring and reviewing


I understand where you are coming from and I appreciate your recent contributions.

The gap you are talking about wasn't always there. At least wasn't as big as it is now.
IMO, the shortest/quickest way to improve the situation would be to get back the two splendid seasoned
committers we lost few months ago due avoidable reasons. I am not sure if the reasons are
no longer there, but worth a try, may be.


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Date: 11/27/2020 01:23AM
Subject: [EXTERNAL] [jdt-dev] Time for mentoring and reviewing

Hi All,

I'm new to JDT. But with my limited time i observed the following
There is not senior members who can spend time on mentoring new contributors and reviewing new contributions. I tried few times to get help, But most of the time people are busy with work. If we want to be success i think we need few member having time for mentoring and code reviews, specially the review which comes from new contributors. Also contributors who are not paid for contributing to Eclipse as well. Because people who are paid come from Orgs like Redhat, IBM like and they do have senior members who can help them out and review code. But for an outsider contributor like me i don't have that luxury other than the community.

Is there away that we can improve this ? I see a lot of things happening in Platform, for me it is more active than JDT. No offence you do a great job on supporting new java versions, But that isn't enough if we want more users using Eclipse. We need fill in the gaps such as gaps in debugger, gaps in performance when it comes to completions and different lookups in JDT.


Best regards,

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