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Re: [jdt-dev] [platform-dev] Issue with some .class files

PDE API validation errors in Gerrits are now fixed.
Feel free to retrigger builds.
To fix IDE startup errors please download most recent SDK build and rebuild your workspace. 

Am 17. August 2020 12:42:03 MESZ schrieb Andrey Loskutov <loskutov@xxxxxx>:
>We need a stable SDK build to get rid of PDE API errors. I hope next build will fix all the problems. 
>Am 17. August 2020 12:23:50 MESZ schrieb Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>>Hi all,
>>I'm seeing issues on CI with API analysis:
>>Also, locally, I now see errors like java.lang.ClassFormatError:
>>bootstrap_method_index 628 has bad constant type in class file
>>org/eclipse/e4/ui/workbench/renderers/swt/SashLayout at runtime (when
>>running an Eclipse Launch Configuration and having the related project open
>>in my workspace); and also some issues with API Tools regarding ASM as well.
>>Does anyone else face similar issues? Are there bugs already open about it?
>Kind regards,
>Andrey Loskutov
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Kind regards,
Andrey Loskutov
Спасение утопающих - дело рук самих утопающих

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