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Re: [jdt-dev] Buffer overflow

+1 to stop auto-closing the bugs. 
For old bugs with no activity, only notifying the author is not right in my view as the action could be pending on the committers' side as well.
If a stale comment is added on the bug report, then anyone who is still interested in the bug can respond to it including others in the cc list.
I am seeing a flood of notifications for auto-closing but I don't remember it being so bad earlier. I am not sure if changing the frequency or criteria for such updates will help here.
Another option to not touch or notify anyone about the stale bugs is also fine.
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Date: Thu, May 14, 2020 10:04 PM
That would be acceptable as well.

Stephan, can you open a bug report and share it here? You can mention the idea I raised and also the one from Mickael.


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On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 6:13 PM Daniel Megert <daniel_megert@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am also not a fan of auto-closing but I like the idea to ping the author to verify whether the bug is still relevant. I'm not sure whether the webmaster can do this, but maybe we could add a comment, mark it stale (not in subject) and only send a note to the author.

I imagine the same bot that does add a Bugzilla comment or change bug status could be tweaked to directly send a mail to the author to ask them for verification with comment or closing action, without directly touching the bug (then avoiding notifications).
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