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Re: [jdt-dev] Need some more current pointers for getting started on JDT projects

Hi Richard,

A quick word about Team structure: the toplevel "Eclipse Project" consists of "Platform", "JDT" and "PDE", so platform-dev may not be the perfect place to discuss this. Cc'ing jdt-dev.

Before going into details, have you seen the blue box in JDT_Core_Committer_FAQ under the heading "Coding"?
It says:
"For the occasional contributor the easiest way to get started is the JDT Code Setup Using Oomph."

If you follow those instructions, setting up a workspace for JDT development should be ridiculously easy (if all goes well).


On 12.08.19 09:04, Richard Steiger wrote:
[FYI, despite having reported and done a bit of investigation on, I'm still a total eclipse noob, so please go easy on anything stupid below.]

I have a few JDT experiments ("hacks") I want to try-out, and have been trying to follow the instructions in the various dev resources and guides, such as

  * and numerous others.

The central problem (that's blocking me) is the fact that none of the above appear to be both current and correct, compounded by the fact that none of the docs have overt last-modified dates, nor major release level ranges.  I therefore invested a fair amount of time trying to build a JDT dev project going down multiple routes, only to discover that each was effectively an abandoned gopher-hole.  In more detail:

  * I tried to clone the repos listed in; determined that maven can build
    all modules from the command-line with the -Pbuild-individual-bundles
    profile, but have yet to successfully import the modules into eclipse as a
    set of maven projects, since the project can't be compiled without the core
    eclipse infrastructure jars; attempting to extract them from the parent pom
    is a total crap-shoot, given its inherent complexity (else I might be on my
    way to at least prototyping the hacks, but miles from creating even a
    personal release);
  * I also tried cloning the repose listed in (using http: as
    anonymous as instructed); the first 3 clones worked, but the next several
    crapped-out with timeouts, premature EOFs, or other faults; url #6
    (*ssh://userid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:29418/jdt/eclipse.jdt.core.git*) with the
    magic *29418 <ssh://userid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:29418/jdt/eclipse.jdt.core.git>*
    segment alludes to this link being release-specific (viewing History doesn't
    pin-point what release the page presents, but the latest entry is back to '16
  * I was initially excited to find eclipse.platform.common-I20190808-1800, then
    tracked it to, only
    to find it's either not indexed there, or might be stale.

Any advice or live/good links to Getting Started docs would be most appreciated.



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