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Re: [jdt-dev] ?==?utf-8?q? Generalize JUnit view

> I read this as "remove the unnecessary code in JDTs JUnit view" and
> not "leave JDT without any JUnit view".
> Am I wrong? 

The intention - at least mine - was to create a generalized view with
the identical look & feel and the identical functionality like the
JUnit view. Users should not be able to spot a difference - besides
probably the change of a few icons that have a 'J' inside and the view
title. The view should not create the feeling that it is for JUnit

So for users there should not exist a substantial difference.

Programmers should be able to easily utilize the view and even extend
it to specific framework needs. View toolbars, menus and popups are now
implemented using the commands framework - a big advantage compared to
the old hard-coded Actions as any plugin can now easily extend it.

For the JDT team I had hoped they could remove the existing view
extension point and instead automatically open and populate the new
view. Existing view classes could stay around in case anything depends
on it. Probably marked as deprecated, but this would be a JDT internal

I thought with such a plan we would not break any user experience from
users and would not break any API for programmers.

As JDT and probably CDT are the biggest spread language toolkits in
eclipse, I do see these projects in a lead position for the whole
Eclipse IDE. I do fully understand that JDT has high quality standards
and cannot afford to jump on immature technology. So thats why I think
we should thoroughly review the submitted code and bring it into a
stable and useful state.

What I do like to avoid is to provide the 6th (at least to my
knowledge) fork of the JUnit view. I am not up to provide and support
Yet Another Unit View, we already have far too many of them.

thanks for being open :)

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