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RE: [jdt-dev] JUnit plugin improvements?

I can understand that - stability in 2.1 is definitely top priority, there
are lots of little problems in the M3 and M4 builds that go along with all
the nice features.

That said - the changes I have made are very small (possibly a bit naiive -
but probably ok). I'm a little unsure how best to make a patch, I started
with the source code in the M4 build in org.eclipse.jdt.source and made a
plugin project etc.

Of course - after reading your message, I would imagine that the easiest way
to get this accepted would be to make a patch against the Head of the
org.eclipse.jdt.junit at right? Given that I find that I now
have quite a bit of spare time (one of the positive aspects of redundancy) -
I don't mind doing this so someone can easily review the changes.

As I'm a bit of a novice at this patch stuff in eclipse - any tips on how
best to do this? I was working offline against an internal cvs server, and I
versioned my changes as I got little pieces working. It would seem I want to
generate a patch between my cvs versions M4-Orginal and M4-Modified-02 (but
there doesn't seem to be an option to do this)? I have't tried this - but
was thinking maybe I could connect to - get the head version.
Then disconnect my project - then reconnect to my local server and compare
against my M4-Modified-02, locate my changes and bring them in, and then
generate a patch? Is this a good way to do it? Or could I somehow generate a
patch with my local stuff, connect to, apply my patch, fix up
any changes, generate a new patch and then submit that?

Anyway - any advice that anyone has would be appreciated. (Eric: I just had
a quick look at your contributingtoeclipse draft to see if it had any tips
on this? Didn't see any, but it might be something you might want to
consider at the end - How To Submit Changes To Core Components? As for the
other chapters - I better start reading...)


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such improvements are welcome.  I suggest that you file an enhancement
against JDT UI in Bugzilla and attach your patch.
However, we are in the 2.1 end game and it isn't clear yet how much time we
will have for enhancements since our
focus is now on stability.


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