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Re: [jdt-dev] How Do I Compile Java


Check that you've created a Java Project (as opposed to a Simple Project), 
and that the Java Build Path (on the project's Properties) has a Source 
entry that includes the folders in your workspace containing your .java 
source files. Errors should be reported to you in the Tasks view, and the 
generated .class files will appear in the project's outpot folder. If 
neither of those are the problem, please direct your question to the newsgroup where there is a larger audience who can help you. 
The *-dev mailing lists are for discussions on the development of Eclipse 

Good luck.

"Cook, C. Todd" <CTCook@xxxxxxxx>
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01/17/2003 02:44 PM
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        Subject:        [jdt-dev] How Do I Compile Java

I'm new to Eclipse and I'm nervous that I am asking a question with an 
obvious answer, but I have not been able to find the answer in Eclipse 
docs, on the Web, nor anywhere else.
How do I compile my Java source in Eclipse?  I have checked, unchecked, 
and re-checked the option to have Eclipse to incremental builds 
automatically.  I have (when the auto-compile is turned off) used the 
Ctrl-B (Build) command, I have used the "Rebuild All" command.  When 
auto-compile is turned on, I try changing the source and saving it (which 
the docs say will invoke the automatic compile).  And I get nothing. 
(Well, almost nothing.  The only response I get is that a dialog box opens 
momentarily.  But it is gone so quickly that I never get a glimpse of what 
it says.)
I don't get any indication of compilation success, errors nor warnings. 
I've even put in garbage in my code to intentionally cause errors -- but I 
don't get notified of any errors.  If I try to run my code, I get a 
console window that baulks at my garbage, but I can't find a way to 
I understand that Eclipse has it's own built-in Java compiler, and that I 
cannot configure it to use "javac".  So apparently there's nothing for me 
to configure to make it work.  But I'm stumped.
What am I doing wrong?
If the answer is obvious, and I'm just blind to it, I apologize for taking 
your time.  I any case, I thank you for any help you can give.

C. Todd Cook
Director / Systems Development
West Corporation
Phone: (402) 964-6314 or (800) 537-2877
Ext: 208-4314
Stop Code: W8-SPEC
Email: C. Todd Cook 

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