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[jdt-dev] How Do I Compile Java

I'm new to Eclipse and I'm nervous that I am asking a question with an obvious answer, but I have not been able to find the answer in Eclipse docs, on the Web, nor anywhere else.
How do I compile my Java source in Eclipse?  I have checked, unchecked, and re-checked the option to have Eclipse to incremental builds automatically.  I have (when the auto-compile is turned off) used the Ctrl-B (Build) command, I have used the "Rebuild All" command.  When auto-compile is turned on, I try changing the source and saving it (which the docs say will invoke the automatic compile).  And I get nothing.  (Well, almost nothing.  The only response I get is that a dialog box opens momentarily.  But it is gone so quickly that I never get a glimpse of what it says.)
I don't get any indication of compilation success, errors nor warnings.  I've even put in garbage in my code to intentionally cause errors -- but I don't get notified of any errors.  If I try to run my code, I get a console window that baulks at my garbage, but I can't find a way to compile.
I understand that Eclipse has it's own built-in Java compiler, and that I cannot configure it to use "javac".  So apparently there's nothing for me to configure to make it work.  But I'm stumped.
What am I doing wrong?
If the answer is obvious, and I'm just blind to it, I apologize for taking your time.  I any case, I thank you for any help you can give.

C. Todd Cook
Director / Systems Development
West Corporation
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