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Re: [jdt-dev] Project Creation

Matthew,     Your timing is impeccable.  Yesterday's milestone build (2.1 
M4) has brand new UI support for "linked folders" designed to handle 
setups like yours!

For the general blueprint for this new work, see:

You'll probably want a project with different linked folders located at 
each of 
The first 3 would be your Java source folders; the last would be your Java 
output folder.

Let me know if you have any problems getting this to work,


"Matthew Pullen" <mpullen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: jdt-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
12/19/2002 05:08 PM
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        Subject:        [jdt-dev] Project Creation

I looked at eclipse a while back, but had some problems with the way
projects are managed.  I have been though the tutorial, and have asked 
eclipse users, but I can't find the answer to my problem.  So, I thought I
would try you guys.

I have a large shared codebase that exist in many different filesystems. I
also have a different filesystem that I want to build to.
C:\apps\dist\project_name                DEPLOY DIR
C:\workingfolder\cvs\                            ROOT CVS DIRECTORY
C:\workingfolder\cvs\share\java\src  Share Codebase for all projects
C:\workingfolder\cvs\projects\framework\java\src Share codebase for
C:\workingfolder\cvs\projects\project_name               Codebase for 
specific project

I can't seem to get the IDE to allow me to load this directory structure,
where my project is "project_name" but I use source from the many 
directories, and I build to a different specified directory outside of my
source fs alltogether. I see that i can import sources, but I want to keep
them maintained through my cvs sandbox, and I don't want to have to move
stuff back and forth.

Is there any docs on how to do something with this setup?



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