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[jdt-dev] Project Creation

I looked at eclipse a while back, but had some problems with the way
projects are managed.  I have been though the tutorial, and have asked other
eclipse users, but I can't find the answer to my problem.  So, I thought I
would try you guys.

I have a large shared codebase that exist in many different filesystems. I
also have a different filesystem that I want to build to.
C:\apps\dist\project_name	DEPLOY DIR
C:\workingfolder\cvs\		ROOT CVS DIRECTORY
C:\workingfolder\cvs\share\java\src  Share Codebase for all projects
C:\workingfolder\cvs\projects\framework\java\src Share codebase for
C:\workingfolder\cvs\projects\project_name	Codebase for specific project

I can't seem to get the IDE to allow me to load this directory structure,
where my project is "project_name" but I use source from the many different
directories, and I build to a different specified directory outside of my
source fs alltogether. I see that i can import sources, but I want to keep
them maintained through my cvs sandbox, and I don't want to have to move
stuff back and forth.

Is there any docs on how to do something with this setup?



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