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[january-dev] January 2.3.2 RC1 posted
  • From: "Chang, Peter (DLSLtd,RAL,LSCI)" <Peter.Chang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2022 16:41:51 +0000
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  • Thread-topic: January 2.3.2 RC1 posted


Dear all,


There were some issues found in downstream projects with 2.3.1 so it has not been officially released.


The Eclipse January 2.3.2 RC1 build is now posted:




It is based on commit 83c10153ef1b9ab47c2eba45dac0685d7af2b42a and fixes from 2.3.0

  • #405 Fix three dataset constructor bug
  • #408 Adjust output type from dataset's max and min methods to be same as its element class
  • #410  Add more lazy dataset constructors that use Dataset interfaces
  • #411  Fix zero-sized dataset statistics
  • #412  Correct imaginary parts of a complex division
  • #413  Migrate callers of deprecated cast method #413
  • #415  Fix null shape bugs
  • #417  Migrate use of Dataset constants and DTypeUtils to classes/interfaces
  • #424  Allow lazy datasets to have an undefined dataset interface
  • #426  Fix bug in shape of destination slice for iterator
  • #427  Add checks on input SliceND
  • #429  Convert to use class specific loggers
  • #430  Remove exception catching switch
  • #431  Fix derivative on slice views issue
  • #447  Add new RGB byte dataset
  • #449  Add new compound constructor for RGB datasets
  • #450  Remove causes of errors and warnings from javadocs
  • #451  Fix NPE from null slice
  • #452  Fix slicing of metadata in lazy datasets
  • #453  Add elemental contiguous iterator
  • #454  Override squeeze end method in sub-interface
  • #460  Move chunking accessors up from lazy writeable dataset to dynamic dataset

From 2.3.1, further fixes were added

  • #468 Fix bugs in interface utilities
  • #469 Override element getters to return unsigned numbers
  • #470 Refactor slice shape checking and allow for maximum shape

Also, some CI has been updated

  • Replacement of Travis CI with GitHub actions
  • Within Eclipse CBI, rewrote Jenkins actions for deployment of artefacts


The release is scheduled for Tuesday 15th February.







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