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Re: [jakartaee-tck-dev] committers: The jakartaeetck-nightly-run-master job will now prompt for the tests to run

On 28/06/20 1:06 am, Scott Marlow wrote:

The Jenkins jakartaeetck-nightly-run-master [1] job that runs the Full Platform TCK tests will now prompt for the list of tests to run.  I made this change so we would have a way to run a subset of tests.

For example, test run [2] was started with just "jpa_pmservlet jpa_puservlet jpa_stateful3 jpa_stateless3" tests.  

I am not sure exactly of the meaning of the use of "_pmservlet", but assume that indicates which test vehicles to run the JPA tests with.  The more obvious use is to specify the test folder path, as in "ejb30/bb" is the tests within the "src/com/sun/ts/tests/ejb30/bb" folder.  This may be useful when you need to run a smaller subset of tests.
Yes Scott, "_pmservlet" means the vehicle is pmservlet. [1] picks the vehicle the test will run. It was introduced probably because the test run in all vehicles takes longer and it seemed better to separate the runs in different stages.


Note that we are still seeing a lot of Jakarta Server Faces failures due to [3] that should be resolved by [4] when that lands in GlassFish 6.  

We need to better understand the other remaining test failures, perhaps we could try running only some of the failing tests to see if they still fail when run alone.


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