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Re: [jakartaee-stable-dev] [] Enterprise Web Services (aka JSR-109) spec?

We could get a new repository added to the Stable APIs project.

Adding the boiler-plate spec document and the /specifications PR is certainly a straight-forward clone/modify/submit operation. Since there are no new TCKs to run (TCK is just Jakarta EE TCK (CTS)) a ready CI would be Eclipse GlassFish 5.1.

For Stable API's project:

We'd need a P1 admin request to add the repository so that Eclipse Admins would get that set up right away. Alternatively, this could be dropped into an existing repository, in that project. None of the existing repositories seem particularly suited but: enterprise-deployment, jaxr-api, jax-rpc-api, or management-api would be the choices.

The Spec. name seems to be set: Jakarta Enterprise Web Services

The Scope Statement (using the modified first sentence from the Spec):

This specification defines the Web Services for Jakarta EE architecture.

(I realize this may not be the best scope statement, but it's probably good enough to get this rolling.) I'm not a committer to this project so I wouldn't have a vote in what to do. With some direction, I could compose a PR.

The PR for /specifications is less controversial and can just be a modified clone of most any of the current PRs.

Comments from anyone? Wayne and Ivar, you are the Mentors for this project -- can you chime in or help facilitate this?

-- Ed

On 8/22/2019 10:25 AM, Bill Shannon wrote:
It's true that it defines no APIs, but it does define the deployment
descriptors used for web services.  We need this spec to have a complete
definition of Jakarta EE.  Obviously it's a bit sketchy with only a
boilerplate spec with no reference to the XML schemas and no required
behavior, but there are TCK tests related to this so we need to include
this in Jakarta EE in some way.

David Blevins wrote on 8/21/19 5:12 PM:
Ok, investigation on this is I'm not sure we have any action here other than potentially an update to `RelatedDocuments`

Reading through the 109 ("enterprise web services) spec again I'm reminded it's JSR 181 ("web services metadata") that defines the javax.jws API.

JSR 109 delivers no api at all.  The only actual deliverable of 109 is the spec.  Given we do not have those this round, I do not see urgency in getting an empty PR which would be at most symbolic.

Post Jakarta EE 8, we should discuss if this spec ever needs it's own dedicated PR or if it couldn't be rolled into another spec.

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