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[jakartaee-spec-project-leads] Jakarta NoSQL and Eclipse MicroProfile Configuration

Hello everyone, I have one question about the integration between Jakarta and Eclipse MicroProfile.
As you know, Jakarta EE has the goal of the cloud-native application, so we tend to use good practices on that.
There is the twelve-factor of an App that has the good practices of delivery your application in the cloud, and the third item there is the configuration.

My whole point here is that need to have one API to all Jakarta EE project to use related to configuration. We might use this API on several projects such as JPA, JMS, and so on. Right now, we're facing this discussion on Jakarta NoSQL.

My question is: Do we have plans to integrate Jakarta EE with Eclipse MicroProfile Configuration?
I'm not happy with a copy/paste approach from a feature that already exists, because that means two points to maintain; furthermore, that is not good code practices.

In the cloud, the perspective configuration will be like CDI, because several specifications are going to use it. Right now, my best shot to Jakarta NoSQL is to use only in the Reference implementation and put it as optional.
Otávio Santana

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