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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Should we consider rebasing Enterprise Beans Lite to a mapping/extension on top of CDI?


On Fri, 21 Jul 2023 at 01:14, <lenny@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Just out of curiosity, is EJB-deprecation-in-favor-of-CDI going to contain RPC of some kind?

EJB Lite would not, as Remote Beans are only in EJB Full. EJB Full is way too complex I think to ever rebase on CDI without making it a totally different spec.
Listening to the industry “weak signals” it sounds like RPC is coming back into fashion.
Would hate to miss that hype, especially that remote EJB-type RPC already exists and well-understood and tested…
Bring back remote EJBs? in CDI form?

I did something in Payara that approximated this. There were plans to take that even further, but you know how these things go.

Kind regards,
Arjan Tijms

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