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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Should we consider rebasing Enterprise Beans Lite to a mapping/extension on top of CDI?


In Jakarta EE we historically had many component models, among which Faces Managed Beans, REST Resources, Enterprise Beans, and CDI.

Faces has abandoned its own Managed Beans in favour of CDI. The few exclusively features it had have been ported over to a CDI compatible extension.

REST is in progress of moving to CDI, abandoning its own component model and injection mechanism.

I wonder if it may be a good time to start looking at doing the same for Enterprise Beans Lite -> do away with the concept of there being a separate EJB container, do away with the concept of depending independently on Jakarta Interceptors, and a few more things.

Essentially all of Enterprise Beans Lite would become a set of mappings and extensions on top of CDI. I did some prototyping, and initial results are promising. 


Of course it can seemingly be done as purely an implementation detail (and, I think, some implementations may already implement EJB partially like this), but we could take things a step further and fully abbondon Enterprise Beans as a separate component model, while largely keeping compatibility.


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