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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Why haven't we removed Managed Beans?

+1 for removal

As Arjan mentioned in another thread, this is obsolete and from the time, where CDI is intended to be more like a platform than a CDI Lite core spec.
When this Idea might come up again in the future, then with a dependency to CDI instead from it.

When we can do it for the Jakarta EE 10 release, than it reduces complexity in all the profiles.

In a new CDI Service Release there is also a chance to remove the test dependency to org.testng:testng or at least update it to a newer version (current version: 7.6.0, or last major 6 version, in a case of issues with 7: 6.14.3).
I think these test dependencies should not belong to an Interface only package, except for very good reasons - otherwise the tests should be part of the TCK or i.e. when testing generated stuff be part of an non-runtime utility.

Am 03.06.22 um 02:12 schrieb reza_rahman@xxxxxxxxx:
+1. It’s definitely just a vestige of the distant past.

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On Jun 2, 2022, at 4:37 PM, Scott Stark <starksm64@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So Arjan pointed out there is a relationship between dependency injection and managed beans via a brief mention in the spec. Managed beans really have no purpose with CDI, so why don't we just deprecated and drop it?

I'd be in favor of dropping Managed Beans.

For those who don't have the context, all of this at one point was in JSR-299 CDI (Web Beans at the time).  Disagreements resulted in a JSR-330 Dependency Injection to offer dependency injection without the icky EE stuff and later Managed Beans in hopes of offering one true generic component model.  The details in Managed Beans were intentionally thin and the spec considered somewhat a placeholder for future work.  Both JSR 330 and Managed Beans were never again developed.

We've corrected part of this in Jakarta by having the Dependency Injection spec once again under the control of the CDI project.  We should likely just remove Managed Beans.  As DI and CDI came out in the same Java EE versions as Managed Beans and Managed Beans was intentionally thin so very hard to understand,  I'm not aware of anyone who has actually used it.

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