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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Review of Platform TCK removal of duplicate JSONP tests

Hello,We need to verify Jakarta EE 10 Platform requirements for use of JSONP API are met by reviewing the  [1] pull request.  Comment [2] has a copy of the Platform requirements.  In summary, every Jakarta EE 10 implementation must pass the Standalone JSONP TCK which validates the JSONP API.Any contributor in the community, can review the [1] pull request and provide feedback there (or ask questions there).  Any feedback provided here in response to this email is not considered part of the pull request review.The reason to give feedback on those tests is that the JSONP SPEC team still needs to maintain their tests that are in the Platform TCK (e.g. post release effort is mostly in handling TCK challenges and updating tests for future EE releases).  Discussion on the Platform tests (not deleted) is welcome in the [1] Pull.regards,
[2] content from Platform TCK removal of duplicate JAXRS TCK tests mail by Scott Marlow)

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