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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Review of Platform TCK removal of duplicate Batch tests

Hi all,

(If this sounds familiar, I copied it from Scott Marlow’s email re: RESTful Web Services)

We need to verify that the Jakarta EE 10 Platform requirements for use of Batch API are met by reviewing the  [1] pull request.  Comment [2] shows the list of Platform requirements within the analogous RESTful issue (I’m sure Scott M. will create a new one on this PR).  For Batch we have two “containers” (following the two “vehicles” previously used) to test within.  Every Jakarta EE 10 implementation must pass the Standalone Batch TCK which validates that the EE Servlet container as well as the Enterprise Beans container can use the Batch API. 

Any contributor in the community, can review the [1] pull request and provide feedback there (or ask questions there).  Any feedback provided here in response to this email is not considered part of the pull request review.

Please note that the Platform TCK now contains no Batch-specific tests.  All were migrated to the new Standalone Batch TCK.  This includes both signature tests, as well as runtime tests.

The Batch TCK can be inspected by either [3] source or the repo staged at the ‘jakarta’ Sonatype server holding the version 2.1.0 TCK artifacts.  In particular the zip [4] contains the new Batch TCK Reference Guide.  While lengthy, this document includes a comprehensive explanation of the contents and instructions for understanding and executing the Batch Standalone TCK.

One additional point:  the technique of search/grep for “batch” is less helpful than it would be for any other term, since we have both “batch”-style tests and things like JDBC “batch” updates, so this was a bit slower a process. 

I also should mention I’m not too personally familiar with running the Platform TCK and so have not done any testing of my PR myself (i.e. I’ve not tried to run any of the Platform TCK minus the tests I’m removing).  So I am relying on the existing automation and processes, but am willing to help debug if needed.

Thank you,
Scott Kurz





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