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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Reviewing Activation for Jakarta 10 - Hardcoding Glassfish reflection?

Upfront I have to apologize that I know this is late in the process.  I also am unsure how others reviewing ballots handle reviewing all the different changes when making the decision to approve a ballot ...
With that said, I started looking into what changed for Activation for EE 10 in order to cast the IBM ballot.  It seems the main theme for the 2.1 Activation release is to split the implementation out of the API artifact.  This makes sense to me.  But I have concerns with how the implementation gets discovered.  In particular I am looking at this PR:
The PR is about handling impl lookup in an OSGi env.  Presumably so that it can work with a compliant implementation loaded as a bundle in glassfish.  But the solution seems to be directly dependent on glassfish itself be reflecting on some class called org.glassfish.hk2.osgiresourcelocator.ServiceLoader
A quick look at the 2.1 proposed Activation specification does not seem to specify exactly how implementations are discovered in this case.  But I have to say it seems inappropriate to hardcode a glassfish reference (even if reflectively) to discover implementations in OSGi.  Can this be done more generally to work in OSGi?


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