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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] version numbers and release qualifiers

Piotr Żygieło wrote on 1/21/20 2:39 PM:> Obvious general observation: As long as
deliverables are clickable
> elements, that one (Client) has to navigate on page to download given
> pdf, zip, jar - you* are free to use whatever name you like. You don't
> have to produce maven-coordinated artifacts. You don't have to use
> maven repository for distribution. Even if you do - you don't have to
> follow maven way. You might release against it.
> Just consider, that it might not work as you assume.

Agreed.  In fact, we don't expect specs to be distributed through a Maven
repository.  They would typically be distributed through a download page
associated with the specification.  And we're not expecting to have any
tools that need to evaluate "greater than / less than" relationships for
specifications based on the version numbers of their PDF files.

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