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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Yet another Compatible Implementation!

Thanks All.


It would be good to get the reviews and +1s as acceptance for WildFly and OpenLiberty was turned around in a few days.






From: Kevin Sutter <sutter@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 03 October 2019 14:35
To: jakartaee-platform developer discussions <jakartaee-platform-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: Steve Millidge (Payara) <steve.millidge@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Yet another Compatible Implementation!


Just to ensure that you all saw this...  Payara just submitted their Certification Request for Payara Server 5.193.1!

Content looks good to me, but please take a look and offer any comments.  Thanks!

Kevin Sutter
STSM, MicroProfile and Jakarta EE architect
e-mail:  sutter@xxxxxxxxxx     Twitter:  @kwsutter
phone: tl-553-3620 (office), 507-253-3620 (office)    

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