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[jakartaee-platform-dev] Versions and pruning (PR#111)

Sent this to the Specification Committee, but really should be on the dev list.

PR submitted to try and bring our descriptions of the specifications and versions inline with our current reality:


In particular, knowing how to handle the line between what we'll immediately ship as part of Jakarta EE 8 now and what we'll ship later was a bit of a tough judgement call.

I ended up opting to list everything in `Required Java Technologies` so all specs were mentioned with explicit versions.  Then for the dedicated sections, only what is strictly "in" Jakarta EE is mentioned -- the "outside" specs we will not immediately deliver were removed.

I would have preferred to actually add them as well, but there appeared to be some short-name confusion between the spec and the pending PRs.  Acting conservatively and deleting the sections seemed the safest choice given the timeline.

David Blevins

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