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Re: [jakartaee-platform-dev] Issue with a quick Jakarta EE 9 name change only release

Yes, changing all the names will be a huge amount of work for any implementation. And do we really want to release Jakarta EE 9 without an implementation of the compatibility profile (assuming we define such a thing)? There's a bunch more work.

Scott Stark wrote on 5/10/19 6:41 AM:
In discussing some of the suggested options and timelines that have been suggested, a question about how we could actually accomplish a quick Jakarta EE 9 name change only release arose due to the fact that any release requires at least one compatible implementation. Working through the name and resource handling in a given server might not be a huge effort, but getting the associated TCKs worked through and passing is most likely going to add a significant amount of time to even a simple name change only release.

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