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Re: [jakartaee-examples-dev] Simple Initial Commit - Signed-off-by

I’ll try the nuclear option in the morning. The ECA validator looks like the way to go. I think I have to clear up the ‘did not sign the right document to contribute issue’ first.



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Subject: Re: [jakartaee-examples-dev] Simple Initial Commit - Signed-off-by


Hey Ken,


I probably would create a new one. Since this was my first commit, I actually chose the nuclear option and re-forked with a fresh commit. 


I'll probably start validating with the Eclipse Validator in my own fork in the future (i.e., create a branch in my fork, PR my own branch to my own master, validate, and then to PR from my master to upstream master). Eclipse Validatotion GitHub app:

Image removed by sender.

Provides an Eclipse contributor and committer validation service for authors of a GitHub pull request.. validation of pull request contributors against our Eclipse Foundation Contributor Validation service.



There is a git command that can "rewrite history" with signoffs, but I'm not entirely comfortable with it:

Image removed by sender.

How do you sign off on a range of previous commits starting from HEAD in git even after performing a push while retaining all other information?

It does look like my PR has no issues now, so it can be merged once it is reviewed.


As far as updating Arquillian target app servers, it looks like the Arquillian Chameleon GitHub project hasn't been updated recently for app servers (and there are open issues for this too). So I might look at making some updates to that project as well, for the sake of JakartaEE samples. 😂


Thanks all,

Jason Pollard


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Subject: Re: [jakartaee-examples-dev] Simple Initial Commit - Signed-off-by




I just did a third commit with the required signed-off-by. Should I just cancel the pull request and then make the request again?




From: Ed Bratt <ed.bratt@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: [jakartaee-examples-dev] Simple Initial Commit - Signed-off-by


Sorry, should have addressed this to Jason. Ken's PR has the identical problem, though his PR is 16.

On 4/29/2020 6:32 PM, Ed Bratt wrote:



Re: PR 17

In my experience, the ECA validator is fairly picky. I am not a GIT expert but I believe the validator checks each commit. Your first commit did not include the signed-off-by tag. The second did, but from the validator's perspective, that first one is still unverifiable.

In my experience, the easiest thing to do is to cancel (delete) the PR and submit it again, this time with the signed-off-by flag.

There maybe a way to retroactively fix that commit, but I can't provide you with a reliable recipe for doing that.

-- Ed

On 4/29/2020 6:13 PM, Jason Pollard wrote:

Hi all,


I have also done my first PR for the samples project (my 2nd OSS PR 🙂). It is a simple addition of some .gitignore lines for those of us using IntelliJ.


I am getting a persistent error about the Signed-off-by footer. I did add a commit with "git -s -m 'commit message'". I did check that I used the same email address as what I used to sign the ECA. Any thoughts?


A few more questions as we move forward with making this repo super awesome:


  • Should we use Bugzilla as a primary tracker, or is it OK to use the issues in GitHub? Can I add a few issues (for tracking), once we decide?
  • I'd like to update the Arquillian profiles next. Any thoughts on whether we should we reference the list (of open source) application servers and versions from here? Or latest versions of same? Does anyone know if TomEE is certified yet?

I appreciate all the feedback from the committers and others who are teaching us about how to work with the project, and Ken for diving into the deep end!



Jason Pollard



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