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Re: [jakartaee-examples-dev] How Can I Help?

Thank you Manfred for the feedback!

Ken are you still thinking of setting up a Zoom meeting soon?

Looking forward to helping out!

Thank you,
Jason Pollard

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Subject: Re: [jakartaee-examples-dev] How Can I Help?

Hi all,


FYI background on the project


  1. Each example deals with one concept
  2. Each example only uses Jakarta EE and Java SE APIs
  3. All documentation will be in Git
  4. An example is NOT to be end to end
  5. An example is also NOT to be pulling in other non Jakarta EE frameworks
  6. All examples are targeting Java 8 until the new release of Jakarta EE release that would require a later version of Java (at which point a branch would be created to retain Java 8 based examples)
  7. The repository is IDE agnostic
  8. The repository is Maven based
  9. All examples should be buildable out of the box with just Maven (by doing just mvn clean install)
  10. A wiki will not be used
  11. The project is looking for a maintainer as I do not have the bandwidth for it
  12. The application servers targeted should support Jakarta EE 8




Kind regards,

Manfred Riem

Original project donor


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Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 4:04 PM
To: jakartaee-examples developer discussions <jakartaee-examples-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [jakartaee-examples-dev] How Can I Help?


These are all excellent questions and one that I hope we can address by meeting up on Zoom in the next week or two. I think the first task is to become familiar with the repository. I just published a blog on how to use it. You can find it at


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Subject: [jakartaee-examples-dev] How Can I Help?


Hi all,


I am happy to help with the Jakarta EE samples. I am a Java/DevOps developer (I have been developing in multiple languages and frameworks for about 16 years), I really enjoy the JEE ecosystem, and I have been looking for an open-source project to contribute to.


I have a few questions, since I am new to contributing to Eclipse projects (and this project).

  • What are the current goals or roadmap for this project?
    • To make the GitHub repo itself more self-contained for understanding the samples, with a wiki, READMEs, etc.?
    • To showcase the basics of all the JakartaEE specs/subprojects?
    • To provide an entry point for developers new to Jakarta EEs?
  • What is the current status of the GitHub repo?
    • Are the issues current and valid?
    • If so, should we start conversations with these issues, to more fully understand the intent?
  • What are the constraints around tooling and versions?
    • Should we target only Java 8?
    • Are there restrictions on IDEs/editors used, and/or are there "testing" requirements to ensure that samples function correctly across the spectrum of tooling?
    • Should we focus on current version minus one for application servers, or is there a list we should target (e.g., in the Maven profiles)?
  • Is there anything you would like us to start with first? Tests, docs, wiki, new code?

That's probably enough questions for now (and I don't need answers to all of them to get started 🙂). I'm looking forward to helping out!




Jason Pollard

From the cornfields of Illinois, USA


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