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[jakartaee-examples-dev] How Can I Help?

Hi all,

I am happy to help with the Jakarta EE samples. I am a Java/DevOps developer (I have been developing in multiple languages and frameworks for about 16 years), I really enjoy the JEE ecosystem, and I have been looking for an open-source project to contribute to.

I have a few questions, since I am new to contributing to Eclipse projects (and this project).
  • What are the current goals or roadmap for this project?
    • To make the GitHub repo itself more self-contained for understanding the samples, with a wiki, READMEs, etc.?
    • To showcase the basics of all the JakartaEE specs/subprojects?
    • To provide an entry point for developers new to Jakarta EEs?
  • What is the current status of the GitHub repo?
    • Are the issues current and valid?
    • If so, should we start conversations with these issues, to more fully understand the intent?
  • What are the constraints around tooling and versions?
    • Should we target only Java 8?
    • Are there restrictions on IDEs/editors used, and/or are there "testing" requirements to ensure that samples function correctly across the spectrum of tooling?
    • Should we focus on current version minus one for application servers, or is there a list we should target (e.g., in the Maven profiles)?
  • Is there anything you would like us to start with first? Tests, docs, wiki, new code?
That's probably enough questions for now (and I don't need answers to all of them to get started 🙂). I'm looking forward to helping out!


Jason Pollard
From the cornfields of Illinois, USA

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