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Re: [] [External] : Jakarta Persistence 3.0 TCK service release to address two TCK challenges

On 3/8/22 6:52 PM, Ed Bratt wrote:

In my experience, the PR Review check-list isn't necessary for this type of update. Just indicate that this change is required due to an accepted test challenge. What I would like to see, though I don't think this is a mandated anywhere, is:

  • The accepted challenge Issue link (in this case, that ought to be in the Persistence issue tracker)


The challenge issue links were included in the high level description, I updated the challenge issue links to make them more clear.

  • Confirmation that someone from the Persistence committer team has reviewed and approved the changes

This is clear in the TCK challenge issues (they are labeled as accepted and closed.)  Is that enough confirmation?

  • Confirmation that there is a CI that has passed the proposed TCK revision -- even if the changes are just to exclude tests (validation that the TCK isn't DOA, really) -- this would usually be covered by the CCR issue but I don't think that's included in the PR metadata.

I did test against GlassFish 6.1 and passed the Persistence 3.0 tests, the test results are shown near the top of (CI job link is here). 

There will be a CCR issue for Hibernate ORM 6 once they can run against the TCK. 


-- Ed

On 3/8/2022 7:05 AM, Scott Marlow wrote:


We received two Jakarta Persistence 3.0 TCK challenges that will be addressed by issue 465 [1], pull request 466 [2] and the staged TCK [3].  This will help the Hibernate ORM to create a compatibility certification request for Jakarta Persistence 3.0.

Could someone please review + process the [1][2] requests?  Note that [2] is still being validated.

Thank you,


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